A "First Look" is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony. Not only does it give you more pictures, but it also helps with the flow of wedding party pictures. ! If you're worried that your hair and makeup might not be so fresh anymore after the ceremony, then the first look is a great idea for you! Some people chose the first look because they want to be at cocktail hour with their guests, others have a large family so feel it's easier to do it all before the ceremony, and others just like the idea of having some moments alone when they first see each other.

As a wedding photographer, whose photographed both traditional meetings down the aisle vs. the First Look, I do think it’s great when couples opt for the first look. And here is why:

  • The flow of your day will be much smoother because the majority or all of the formal pictures will be taken before the ceremony. Your hair and makeup will still be fresh and being a girl, I know how important that is! There is plenty of time to take lots of pictures of just the two of you, which allows for more locations and more pictures. The wedding party tends to be antsy after the ceremony, so by doing the wedding party pictures before, everyone is more cooperative. 

  • Most importantly, the First Look is when your real emotion is on display and you aren't afraid to really show how you feel since you aren't standing up in front of a crowd. You are able to talk to each other, laugh, kiss, hug, spin your bride, and just have a few moments to yourself that would otherwise be in front of your guests.

  • After all the pictures are done, the bride and groom then get to just hang out with the wedding party, relax, have a drink, and just enjoy those few moments together before they are married.

  • It's a great option if you know you're someone who runs late. With the First Look, there is a built in buffer for time, since we have portrait time before the ceremony as well as that hour after in case we need it.